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Program structure
What is blockchain?
12 topics
Creating a smart contract for a non-fungible token
Creating a smart contract for a fungible token
In this module we will discuss the concept behind blockchain and variety of its use cases. We will take a close look into services for tracking network activity, and you will learn what tokens are and why they have their own standards. You will get a basic understanding of Solidity programming language and work with an IDE for programming and deploying smart contracts. For the final project, you will create your own token contracts.
Solidity smart-contracts
8 topics
Expanding functionality of a smart-contract: token with commission, airdrop, lazy mint, timelock, crowdfunding, token-sale.
In Module 2, we will talk about capacities of smart contracts in Solidity. You will learn about with token circulation metrics, understand what tokenomics is and how to compose it. We will talk more about the Ethereum blockchain, how it works and what sustains most smart contracts on the network. You will learn how to work with new environments for developing contracts, testing and deploying them. For the final project, you will write Crowd-funding and Token-sale smart contracts.
Network integrations
16 topics
Web3 integration with frontend
Web3 integration with backend
In this module we will discuss how network can integrate with external applications. We will look at two examples: integration with backend using Python and integration with frontend using Javascript. You will learn about communication of web server with web client and get familiar with web3 and ethers libraries. In the final project, you will set up a local web server with Node, work with Express framework, connect to the node of Infura project, and run an off-chain application on the network.
DeFi and Staking
11 topics
This module will help you understand what staking is and where it is applied. You will dive further into Solidity development and write a smart contract for staking your token. You will learn about traditional, decentralized finance, DeFi protocols, stablecoins and mechanisms for their implementation. At the end of the first block, you will write your first lending protocol. We will continue by discussing EVM-compatible blockchains and IDO. In order to use IDO, you will be equipped with market analysis metrics and token sale algorithms.
Writing a smart contract with staking function
Crypto lending platform
Running IDO
Atomic swaps
9 topics
Performing a smart contract audit
Implementing AtomicSwap contract
In this module you will learn about Atomic swap and why it is used. First, you will get acquainted with crosschain, chainID, explore the basics of cryptography and look at several hashing algorithms. This knowledge will allow you to write a Solidity smart contract for implementing atomic swap. Next, we will discuss an audit of a smart contract and instruments to perform it. Ensuring the security of a contract is essential, and we will look at mechanisms for attacking contracts as well as tools for protecting them. At the end of the module you will be able to conduct various testing of smart contracts, find vulnerabilities and prevent them.
14 topics
This module explains why oracles are used, how they work and how to create them. You will also learn about integration between contract and oracle, issues with using a centralized oracle and benefits of decentralized oracle platforms like Chainlink. Your task will be to write three different oracles: for displaying a price table, for trading tokens, and for managing liquidity. In the following block you will get learn about network manager and using it for calling contract methods. The final project will challenge you to go beyond the Ethereum ecosystem and work with btc oracles in Orisi framework.
Oracle integration — adding liquidity for token
Oracle integration — setting up token trade
Oracle integration — price feed
Creating an oracle
5 topics
In this module we will discuss types of stablecoins, their main principles of security, operation and areas of application. We will explain the technological aspects of interaction between stablecoin contract, exchange and oracles. In the final project, you will write a stablecoin smart contract.
Writing contract for stablecoin
3 topics
Module 8 explores the topic of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). You will learn rules & mechanisms of DAO operation, architecture and use cases. With this knowledge you will be able to program a DAO with Solidity. In the next module block we look at popular DAOs and platforms for their modular development. The final project challenges you to design your decentralized autonomous organization.
Creating DAO
7 topics
In module 9 we will talk about architecture of a decentralized exchange (DEX). You will learn what AMM, Orderbook, Router and Liquidity Pools are, what technological solutions they are based on and how to implement them. We will look at techniques for calculating the exchange rate and increasing profitability of exchange operations. At the end of the module you will be comfortable with designing orderbook-based and algorithm-based exchanges.
DEX Routing
DEX AMM and Liquidity Pools
Creating DEX Orderbook
Creating DEX
Future of Web3
9 topics
Restructuring the DEX Orderbook on Zero Knowledge
Scaling with Layer 2 solutions
This module reveals the features of technologies that are replacing today's solutions. We will discuss Layer 2 scaling solutions and how to achieve more efficient solutions with Zero-Knowledge architecture. We will examine these technologies through an example of a decentralized exchange. This will immerse you in the process of developing advanced solutions, and you will see what lies ahead for DeFI development. For a final project you will have to perform network scaling with Layer 2 solutions and restructure the DEX Orderbook based on Zero Knowledge.
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